Please call dr. Dundoo raghunandan at 432-0281. Before calling check for the rates for your requirements. They change during weekdays and week ends.

Please refer to the table. Week end costs are bit higher. Rates vary depending on your requirement of both levels, and a single level. For weddings or other sacred functions where a decoration is needed, the previous evening will be given without any addtiional cost.

Upper levelo you may have upto 350 individuals. Lower level 150 individuals

Chairs, tables, sound, kitchen (if lower level is rented). Kitchen is also available if the lower level is free when you rent upper level. One can come to kitchen directly from the upper level to kitchen from the north side of the upper level hall.

At the end of the function, make sure that you left the trash in the trash cans. No trash should be left on the floors and tables. Should alcoholic beferages are used, they should be limited amounts and an indemnty has to be sigend before use. At the end of the function, please turn off the lights, leave from the lower level entry door and close it to lock.

If there is a breakage of a microphone, glass window or furniture please report immediately. For minor problems mgc will not charge the partorn. But, major things like breaking the glass of the windows, we request patrons to take the responsibility.